Glen Wakeman: A Business Mentor and Entrepreneur

Glen Wakeman, the founder of Launcher Pad Holdings, LLC was born in Miami city, Florida in the United States of America. He happens to be a man who has succeeded highly in financial services executive. He is a CEO, a great entrepreneur, investor, and an executive mentor. Glen at the moment runs a substantial automotive software firm that has been of help to the people who have the basic or no idea of the business industry. He helps them improve and grow their businesses by giving them a work plan to succeed.

Glen joined the University of Scranton in 1977 where he studied a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and graduated on 1981 (Facebook). He later joined the University of Chicago to peruse an MBA in finance in the year 1991 and graduated in 1993.


He has lived in over six countries and has worked in over 30 regions. This made him be recognized and was awarded as a growth leadership role model by GE board of members. He has served in the economics and finance industry for more than two decades. Currently, his business has over 17,000 members not forgetting the assets worth $15B clearly showing that they developed a successful business.


Glen Wakeman is also a writer and sticks in his best 5 methods in success gaining governance including leadership, execution, human capital and risk management and leadership power. As a successful investor and writer, Wakeman has inspired others in Fiscal economics and administrative strategies. Glen is an active and supportive participant in transformative business opportunities (blogwebpedia). He provides strategic advice for amateur entrepreneurs who are new to the business industry to help them have a plan and grow in business. He is passionate about all business aspects of innovation, development, and growth. He was recognized by the Business ware as a significant force drive in the business industry. Being a writer, he has been able to share business insights through blog posts.As a mentor, he has aided several C-levels executives. And currently, he is mentoring Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He has a lot of experience in the business sector and has helped to solve business problems across the world.

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Mark Holterman’s Contribution to the Improvement of Healthcare in the US and Beyond

Mark Holterman is an active supporter of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). The organization’s mission is to improve pediatric healthcare in Vietnam by providing supplies, medical personnel, and other medical resources through their various initiatives. On top of this, the organization has an international scholar program which enables professionals in the medical field in Vietnam to improve their skills at medical institutions in the US. The program runs for two months and each person who qualifies for the program receives $2,500 for their travel expenses to the US. Many medical professionals in Vietnam have gone through for the program, and through it, they have been able to improve the quality of pediatric healthcare in Vietnam.


Mark is also a member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The organization has formed a partnership with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to try and reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes in teenagers and children. Statistics show that the number of children and teenagers suffering from type 2 diabetes has increased significantly, and this is a worrying trend which the two organizations are seeking to stop (Crunchbase). They do this through Camp Power Up, a program in which the youth are taught how to live healthier lives by making healthier food choices and exercising in order to keep lifestyle diseases such as diabetes at bay.


About Mark Holterman


Dr. Mark Holterman is an accomplished plastic surgeon who currently works at the University Of Illinois College of Medicine as a professor of surgery and pediatrics. He studied medicine at the University of Virginia.He founded Mariam Global Health in September 2012, and he is currently the CEO of the organization.


Mark has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of medicine. Over the course of his career, Mark has worked with several institutions in the US. Some of these are Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Advocate Children’s Hospital, and OSF HealthCare among others. He has received several awards for the great work he has done in the medical field.




Mark is passionate about his job and this can be seen from his commitment to various initiatives to improve healthcare. He truly deserved the numerous awards he has received over the years. Through the support he gives ADA, IPSAC-VN and other organizations that seek to improve healthcare, he has had a great impact on the medical field in the US and beyond.

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A Close Look at Stream Energy

Stream Energy specializes in the provision of energy, protective, wireless, and home services. It is an American natural gas and electricity retail firm founded in 2004. Its headquarters is located in Tollway Center, Dallas. The company uses multi-level marketing as its primary marketing channel. Previously, Stream Energy would recruit through its multi-level marketing division, Ignite, until it merged into Stream brand in 2014.


Stream Energy was founded in 2004 by Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. On January 21, 2005, Public Utilities Commission of Texas licensed Stream Energy as a retail electricity provider. The firm started operations on March 7, 2005, through the initial enrollment of Texas electricity customers. Stream Energy has since scaled to New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. The majority of its services are available in the U.S. It operates in the deregulated energy markets.


Stream Energy merged Ignite, its separately-branded multi-level marketing arm, into its brand in 2014. After gathering a required minimum number of customers, Stream Energy’s associates can earn commission either by recruiting new sales associates and selling to customers through its multi-level marketing model. The firm often holds local meetings referred to as, Business Presentations, to promote the concept. The firm’s sales associates maintain an internet-based network that serves as informational web forums during recruitment. As of 2010, the sign-up cost in Georgia was $300 and a monthly fee of $25 to maintain a website. Sales associates were entitled to a monthly commission of $3 for every customer they recruited (


Stream Energy connects you with unlimited data options and nationwide cell coverage, powered by the newest 4G network. Its wireless plans are relatively priced. At Stream Energy, you find more than affordable unlimited data options and enjoy access to international calling, wireless tolls, and no long-term contracts. Again, Stream Home Services allow you to connect to your home irrespective of where you are. You enjoy access to telephony services that combine the reliability of a landline with the convenience of a mobile phone at a low monthly fee.

Jorge Moll’s Research on the Benefits of Volunteering

Jorge Moll is a great neuroscientist and also a physician. Moll experimented using magnetic resonance. The results of the experiment revealed that there is a direct relationship between donating to charity organizations and having pleasure. The relationship is illustrated in the sense that as one engages in donating to charity organizations, they experience the same kind of pleasure as someone who is eating chocolate, or one who has received a compliment, or someone listening to music or even someone who has been given some money.


Jorge Moll is a researcher author and also the CEO of the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching (IDOR). He goes further to explain how the relationship between giving donations and experiencing feelings of pleasure are connected. According to him, when one gives a donation it activates the part of the brain that is related to producing feelings of attachment and belonging. That is the part of the brain that influences bonding between a mother and her child or even between couples.


He goes ahead to reveal that studies indicate that people who engage in activities that are aimed at promoting the well-being of others have reduced the risk of contracting certain diseases and they have long lives. Moll further, explains that engaging in activities that are meant to benefit others helps one to develop a conscience and it triggers certain effects which are beneficial to one’s health.


The phrase that motivates moll states ‘doing well does well.’ He continues to explain that giving donations plus other activities which are aimed at being beneficial to other people promotes the well-being of a person and goes ahead to give them a sense of belonging. Moll did that research which he named it as the relationship between volunteering and health. He was the first person ever in the world to do this kind of research.


His research was done in Brazil, and the results of the research showed that at least 28% of Brazilians do perform voluntary actions. The 72% who do not perform voluntary actions are either people with few resources, young people or people who have low schooling. He encourages people to engage in voluntary acts to promote the well-being of other people and also of ourselves.

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Paul Mampilly – The Financial and Investment Consultant

Paul Mampilly is one of the prominent people who has managed to use the knowledge acquired from their level of education appropriately. For instance, he has utilized his skills within the sector of finance especially the MBA he acquired from Fordham University in NYC. In 1992, Paul Mampilly served as the Bankers Trust deputy portfolio manager. As he continued to acquire knowledge and skills in the investment sector, he held the important post at big companies such as Deutsche Bank as well as ING.

After realizing that Paul Mampilly could be a potential asset to the growth of their business, various well-established firms hired him. For instance, he was appointed to manage the hedge funds of Kinetics Asset Management, and he expanded the company asset to 25 billion dollars. After working for these ultra-wealthy companies, Paul Mampilly decided to start his own business. He became worn out, and all he needed is to spend quality time with his family. Even up to now, he still participates in the finance world and serves as research and investment specialist.

He loves assisting an ordinary individual in generating income while striving to educate them how to benefit from their investments so that they can improve their lives. The majority of his newsletter offers helpful advice and investment insights that can assist every individual to thrive in the world of business. Knowing how Paul Mampilly responds to some questions helps many people get information about his career preferences and their effects on his personal life.

Paul Mampilly states that he decided to establish his business once he was bored of working on the Wall Street. He claims that he was only assisting the rich in acquiring wealth and he believes that was not fair. He understood that his services and expertise would be more helpful to ordinary people in the society. After working for the big firms, he realized that the ordinary people in the community did not have an advocate that served with their greatest interests in mind. For that reason, he decided to start his business. With the help of his newsletter, his investment assistance reaches people from different parts of the world. Read more:

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a legendary entrepreneur focusing on business. He used to serve as the manager of the hedge fund and has been awarded numerous awards such as the investment competition of Templeton Foundation. For so many years now, viewers have had an opportunity to see Paul on various TV stations. He is the owner of Profits Unlimited.

Knowing All About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was nominated for the post of the President of the bank just two months after they had lost their leadership position to Itaú Unibanco in the market

The headquarters of Bradesco is in Cidade de Deus, in Osasco. This is the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The board of directors has appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who is serving as the executive vice president, to lead Bradesco. He is 57 years old.

He is already the chairman of the insurer of this group since 2003. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been working in Bradesco for nearly 40 years now. He started here as a clerk. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a perfect example of “continuity and renewal” that has always been valued by Bradesco.

He was a perfect choice as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been with Bradesco for long. He knows the culture over here. Hence he can take up the challenge of leading Bradesco, which is a huge financial institution.

There are several challenges facing Bradesco. Until last year, it was the largest private bank in Brazil. But it lost its position to Itaú Unibanco. This financial institution surpassed Bradesco in several aspects, including its ranking by assets.

For Bradesco, maintaining its market leadership position has always been a matter of honor. Hence losing this position had a strong impact on it. This means that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will have to brace himself to face an economic environment that is unfavorable. It can lead to a probable fall in its profitability too.

He will have to face several difficulties in the financial sector. The level of activity in Brazil is going down rapidly. It will impact the balance sheets negatively. The loan growth is expected to be lower and will affect profitability too. Even the network expansion plans of the branch are expected to slow down. Still, Bradesco will always be a stiff competitor. It has lost its leadership position among private banks. But it will always be a long-term winner in the financial sector in Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a simple man who has no extravagant habits.

USHealth Group: Leading In Health Insurance In America

USHealth Group is a company that stands out in the field of health insurance for being one of the top health insurance providers in all of America. The company is known to offer some of the best services and has been in the business of health insurance for an extremely extended period.

The company is currently being headed by Troy McQuagge, who is considered to be an excellent person for leading the company. He has had an incredible career spanning over numerous years in the industry and knew all that a company needs to succeed in this sector.

He has been instrumental in bringing new plans to the company and improving the ones that already exist. He has also received several awards for the incredible services that he has offered the company and the amazing contribution that he has had to USHealth Group.

One of the reasons why USHealth Group is considered to be one of the best in the industry is owing to the incredible service that they offer their customers. Excellent customer care is one of the leading things that is leading the company and is something that USHealth Group pays exceptionally close attention to.

The company gives one of the highest standards of health insurance services in the country. When a person comes to USHealth Group for the very first time, they are paired up with an advisor who guides them on the entire process.

The advisors talk to the customer and try to gauge what it is they need regarding health insurance and try to offer them plans that are customized to what they need. The company knows that the people who are coming to them have different needs and different requirements for their health insurance and therefore tries to incorporate that as much as possible into the work that they do.

These personalized health insurances are one of the main reasons why people tend to choose USHealth Group as their leading health insurance provider in the country.

The company has time and again set the bar high for the rest of the health insurance field. Because the company has been in the business of health insurance for so long, they have had continuously to redevelop and move along with the times to be one of the leading health insurance providers in the country.

This ability to adapt and move along with the times is one of the things that has helped them grow as a company incredibly. There has never been a time when USHealth Group has not been able to stay at the top of the competition, which is why so many people opt to go in for the service that they provide.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi- Leading Bradesco to Higher heights

The culture of Trabuco demands a test of resilience when choosing the president of the bank. To qualify, you must possess integrity, and positive values and all these are perceived strongholds of Trabuco. The highly-esteemed Trabuco Cappi was chosen to take the top seat at the Trabuco Bank in 2009, and he proved himself right for the job when shortly after his election to the presidency, he was able to return the bank to top position. Unlike most other officials who have taken up senior positions before, Trabuco’s name always came up when conversations about who will take over from Márcio Cypriano came up.

This executive is unlike most others. While many working at the bank studied Finance and economics, Trabuco graduated from the University of São Paulo with a degree in philosophy. He became famous as a protagonist for the election of Christ, the redeemer as a wonder of the world. He went for further studies at São Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics. Trabuco started working at the bank in 1969 at a young age when Amador Aguiar was still the president of the company. Initially, he worked in his hometown Marília. He started off as a clerk at the bank and has risen to several ranks over his years of experience.

In 1971, he took a step and moved to São Paulo, the headquarters of the bank. In 1984, he made a significant stride once again, becoming director of marketing. In 1992, he took over as the bank’s private pension’s executive director and later, president. He, therefore, understands the bank’s culture and their traditions better than most other professionals that have worked there. It is no wonder that even the Vice President of Itaú Unibanco, Antonio Jacinto Matias recognizes his place at the bank, stating that Trabuco was born at Bradesco and can take up the challenge of leadership.

While working at Bradesco Seguros, Trabuco was able to clinch the presidency in 2003 and served in that capacity until 2009. This is the position that consolidated his race to the top. While president of Bradesco Seguros, this area has been able to contribute up to 30% of the profit, Bradesco has earned. The company was able to double its size and become the leader in the banking sector. The bank even consolidated its position in the entire Latin America. Trabuco also pioneered the bank’s cooperate University that aims at producing top-notch leadership from the executives of the bank. Shortly after his election to the presidency, Trabuco was able to turn the tables on Itaú Unibanco by buying HBSC-Brazilian Bank for US $5.2 billion. By all means, Trabuco deserves the presidency of Bradesco.

Trabuco believes in the insurance industry as an essential aspect of the modern society. He sees insurance as an extension of the state and as vital to the social welfare of the Brazilian people. Surprisingly, Trabuco is soft-spoken and well-known for his sense of humor and broad smile, which is unlikely for men of such command. He is married and has three children. He also played role in the 80s as a member of the marketing board when he took part in modernizing publicity for the bank. He is a proponent of segmentation unlike his predecessors such as Amador, a strategy that many of Bradesco’s predecessors have implemented successfully. The bank successfully incorporated segmentation and today; they have special checks and Bradesco Prime to serve high-profile customers. Trabuco has therefore seen Bradesco through its various phases of evolution, and nobody can present the company better. As the fourth president of the bank, he is set to lead the company to greater heights.

The career of Paul Mampilly

Mampilly spent over 20 years on Wall Street working with clients like Kinetics international, Deutsche bank and ING. Paul Mampilly is also the winner of the competition in investment that was sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. To emerge the winner in the competition, Paul Mampilly increased an investment of $50 million into 88 million dollars one. He achieved this success in investment when there was a peak in the financial crisis and he did it without shorting stock hence showing his instinct and skill in the financial sector.

Paul Mampilly last year signed with the Banyan Hill Publishing which is a publishing house and research firm that is independent and focuses on publishing research advice papers and investment newsletters. Paul Mampilly signed with the firm that deals with publishing to unveil profits unlimited. Paul’s main aim is to assist everyday Americans to get access to opportunities in investment. To this end, Paul Mampilly advises that newsletter readers to invest in specific stocks. Paul updates the stocks every week on his newsletter. He, in addition, tracks the investments in his site so that he can see how they are doing.

Paul Mampilly is the man who highly focuses on his business. Paul Mampilly has been the manager of the hedge fund and has won various awards including the competition of Templeton Foundation Investment. Many viewers have had the privilege of watching Paul on various television broadcasts on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and many other networks. Paul is Profits Unlimited founder. While still working with the firm, he gives to the people who are very interested in learning a lot about the stocks to well invest in and when to move away from the stock market.

Paul has almost 25 years of experience as the businessman after he moved from India at a very young age. He began his financial career and business at Deutsche bank in 1991. Furthermore, Paul has managed accounts worth millions of dollars and those that are getting off the ground. Paul has managed accounts for Royal Bank of Scotland as well.

The Kinetics International Fund later discovered that Paul was an asset for the firm. The 6 billion dollar hedge fund firm raised highly once Paul Stepped in as the leader. In the year 2012, Paul invested in the firm that was working to develop the drug to assist treat muscular dystrophy. In less than one year, Paul sold Sarepta Therapeutics share for more than 2000% gain. In the year 2008, Paul decided to invest in Netflix.

Louis Chenevert- Importance of investing in the people running your business

Louis Chenevert is one of the best business executives of this century. He has run a very successful for 14 years working as the General Manager of General Motors and the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert is half Canadian, half French. He holds a degree in production management from the HEC Montreal.

As the CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert’s success at the firm has been remarkable. He managed to make the over $100 billion net worth company, operate successfully during his tenure. The fact that he was appointed the head of such a big corporation just goes to show how good he is in business management. In just a single year under his management, UTC fortunes turned around. He implemented measures that saw the business dominate the construction and aerospace industry in the world. One of his most decisive measures was to purchase Goodrich. They acquire it at 18.4 billion.


Louis Chenevert took time to focus on the most important aspects of the business operations. He not only focused on developing the technology applied to the corporation, but he also invested heavily in the human resource. When he joined the corporation, he vowed to make the corporation better than he found it by implementing measures that would create big changes in the way the business was run. Already, Louis Chenevert showed that he was dedicated to doing what his role in the corporation demanded. He was ready to be the team leader who leads with action. Louis Chenevert believed that investment in technology could only make good sense when it is followed up by investment in the people applying the technology.


UTC runs a program known as Employee Scholar Program. This is a program that is meant to invest in the people by giving employees an opportunity to learn and develop their skills and knowledge in the industry. In this program over 40,000 employees of the corporation from all over the world have benefited from the educational program. In the United States UTC has spent over $1 billion in programs that cater for the welfare of their workers.