Chasing Wanted Criminals Using Securus Technologies

When a wanted criminal is on the streets and avoiding capture, my job is getting them into custody as quickly as possible before innocent people are hurt. When we were told that we had a suspect who just robbed a local bank and was able to get away, my team sprung into action. What none of us knew was while we raced to that bank, he was robbing a second. As shocking as it sounds, when another team headed to the second, he robbed a third.


While no one was hurt at the banks, he did mentally destroy a number of workers and scar them for life. My concern was as he got more comfortable, would he escalate his crime to the vault and possible take hostages? Time was of the essence and we needed to find any clues that would help us to identify this suspect. Because of the large number of banks in the city, he could be at any number of them and on the highway in less than a minute. The odds of us having an officer at the jail he was going to hit was a long shot, and if he saw police presence at the bank he would just move to the next one.


On my trip to the prison to see if anyone had any information on the suspect, we discovered the new inmate call system that was installed by Securus Technologies was getting huge results as far as cutting down prison crimes. This company has monitoring systems in thousands of jails, and the CEO, Richard Smith, has been working to keep this world safer for all for many years. His Dallas-based company employs 1,000 and is currently installed in well over 2,000 jails around the country. If you had asked me about this being a resource to help catch a criminal on the streets, I might have to argue the point.


On a hunch, I decided to see if I could learn the LBS software and see if any chatter was going around the prison with inmates about the suspect. These inmates watch television, and they have ideas who it could be, but they will not talk to the police while in jail for fear of being labeled a rat. Once I listened to the calls, it wasn’t long before one of the inmates commented that he used to have a partner who fit the description, and he would not be surprised if it wasn’t him at those banks. I got the information that I needed and was able to get my team to an address where we discovered the suspect and evidence still in his possession that would lead to a lengthy jail sentence.


Managing Your Assets on a Personalized Plan is Richard Blair’s Specialty

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions offers services that allow his clients to keep track of their assets as they invest money and watch their investments grow. Blair founded this company to help customers find a good plan that works for them to help themselves save they money will need to ensure they have a financially solid future. Blair dedicates himself to coming up with personalized plans for each individual candidate that sees him provide them a way that they can come up with a solid savings plan based on their occupation, lifestyle, and the amount of money they make. After showing customers the roadmap which they should follow Blair will show them the long-term strategy they should use to help to ensure they are saving the appropriate amount of money and planning for a solid financial future. Blair handles reallocating funds for each customer to ensure they are getting the best return on their money, which takes a huge load off of the client’s mind. Finally, after coming up with a plan that works for their financial savings plan Blair will add the aspect of covering the person’s insurance needs including long-term care, life insurance and annuity plans that may be needed.

Richard Blair is a Registered Financial Investor as well as the founder of his company Wealth Solutions. Blair graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in finance and financial management services. Blair loves what he does because he enjoys helping others reach their personal finance goals and helping them save towards the greater goals and purposes they have for their own lives. This helps the customer and Blair finds great enjoyment in helping people when they need it the most in their financial lives.Learn more :


Richard Blair also believes that a valuable part of providing a client with the best savings program is to help ensure that customers are getting the return on their money they deserve. Blair uses his firsthand experience to provide customers with a sound, safe option to ensure they are investing their money in the best way and place possible. Blair feels that he is successful when his clients are successful at meeting their financial goals on their own personalized plan based on their income and lifestyle.Learn more :



How Norman Pattiz has proven his Great Leadership Skills

Norman Pattiz is well known as the Westwood One’s founder. He became famous while he was working for Westwood One’s as he showed his excellent leadership skills. During this time, he led Westwood One from a simple business to a diverse American radio network as well as a provider of sports, traffic programming, news, and entertainment to the Industry of Broadcast.

As the firm’s head, he owned, distributed and managed NBC radio networks, CBS News, NFL Football, CNN Radio, The Super Bowl, plus March Madness, both winter and summer Olympic Games as well as NCAA Basketball. Mr. Pattiz shone even more in 2010 after creating Courtside Entertainment Group.

In fact, most people must have known him after he introduced PodcastOne Sale and PodcastOne which has been the leader in podcast sales and marketing nationally.

His success at PodcastOne

Pattiz in association with Edison Research VP conducted a research of post- and pre-campaign brand lift. It, in turn, expressed a good podcast advertising effect on intent to purchase, brand recall as well as particular messaging recall. In place of PodcastOne, in 2016, Edison Research engaged in three different studies.

The studies examined podcast advertising effectiveness for five national brands. Some of the brands involved launching of new messaging as they were well recognized. The rest of the brands, who fame was not well spread, were increasing trial and awareness. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Their study indicated various findings such as:

  • A particular campaign message awareness related to automobile aftermarket product, from pre-research to the post-research, rose by 60% while it increased by 76% regarding a casual restaurant for dining.
  • More than the respondents’ one-third up from 18%, in the post study, had a positive view linked to automobile aftermarket product in the pre-study. 22%, up from 16% in the pre-research, in the post-study, stated their chances of considering to use a garden and lawn product.
  • Over the listeners’ 60% suggested a particular post-campaign grocery brand, up from the listeners’ 7% in the pre-study.
  • Product awareness being unaided rose from the pre-research towards the post-research by 24% for a garden and lawn product, by 47% for a product related to financial services as well as for a product in the automobile aftermarket by 37%

These studies’ results seconded Pattiz statements; PodcastOne primary focus is to independently confirm that the format of podcast offers enhanced brand effect more than the forms of traditional advertising.

Also, the study results validate the firm’s broad way to integrated measurement and advertising. Mr. Pattiz’s excellent leadership skills can be seen in how he records success in all the firms he is associated with since he serves as a good leader, whose skills are admired by many people.


A Modern Take On Active Versus Passive Index

Warren Buffet recently bet he could earn more in passive index funds than hedge fund managers carrying active investments. Mr. Buffet is a living testament to the success of long-held passive index, but active funds might hold more reward than you think.

Active funds may yield poor returns; however, the combination of money lost to investor’s fees and superfluous trading activity might account more for their lack of return. The deliberation between active versus passive does nothing to serve industry investors when the ultimate importance is to provide reliable returns at low-cost of initial investment according to Tim Armour.

Many passive investors are unaware that passive stands to lose as much as active when the market downturns. Even Buffet himself notes that there are exceptions to the long-held belief that passive index is more successful than managed funds. He agrees that a $10,000 investment made 40 years ago would result in a modern gain of $490,000. Yet if a similar investment was made to the best active funds of the time, they would have achieved substantially more wealth. According to Tim Armour decades of mutual funds research reveals that long-term success in the market has more to do with an investors sense of ownership and knowledge regarding the funds invested. Baby Boomers relying on 401(k) are reaping rewards from Mr. Buffet’s conservative investment strategies. But younger Americans may be more likely benefit from more active investments.

Read more: You Don’t Have to Settle for Average Investing Returns. Here’s Why

Tim Armour was named chief executive of Capital Group in 2015. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He has long been a proponent of the benefits of active funds. Armour recently made headlines with published opinions regarding Donald Trump’s effect on the market. He speculated that interest rates will continue to lower while real estate and utilities industries will decline.

For more information about Timothy Armour, just click here.

EOS Lip Balm Has Been Proven To Be a Great Product

EOS lip balm is a product that should be considered as being an optimal solution of achieving maximum potentials of lip health for anyone who is looking for one that they can truly rely on. It has recently surpassed Blistex and Chapstick in sales, even though both companies have existed longer. That fact alone is enough reason to make EOS lip balm a number one choice for anyone who may want to invest in a great product that will improve the health and appearance of their lips.

There are many aspects of maintaining one’s health and well-being. Perhaps one aspect of it that many people often overlook is the conditions of their lips. The health and conditions of one’s lips should tend to on a daily basis. What many people experience upon having chapped lips is cracking? When one’s lips crack, it is highly likely they experience both blood lips and pain. The remedy for dried and cracked lips is applying lip balm that is effective to them. EOS lip balm has received enough positive feedback to be considered as being a number one choice for anyone who is in the market searching for the specific product.

With EOS lip balm, Walgreens shoppers can have assurance of knowing that they have a reputable product that will keep their lips moisturized without causing any unnecessary instances of damage to them. By using a lip balm product that has not necessarily received the feedback or number of sales that would deem it to be as beneficial for the customer, the user may experience dried lips quickly after applying it. By determining which product is best for you to keep your lips moisturized, you may not find yourself wasting more time than necessary. EOS lip balm is a great choice of lip moisturizer. For more info, visit

Securus Technologies Helps Prevent Crimes, Says Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies has made itself a leader in tech solutions for criminal justice institutions like police departments and correctional facilities across the United States. And according to this client base, Securus stands above the competition.


Securus recently published a collection of snippets from emails, letters, and general feedback the company has received from law enforcement, commenting on how the company’s technology has helped to keep order within prisons and assisting law enforcement in investigations.


Helping to solve public safety woes has always been at the forefront of the company’s operational concerns, says Richard A. Smith, CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies.


After having received thousands of letters from law enforcement and correctional officials from across the country concerning the usefulness of their products and services, Smith decided to make some of the comments available to public so that their role in maintaining public safety could be better understood.


In one such correspondence, an official who had been using Securus for tech solutions for over ten years remarked how reliant their facility had become on the company’s ability to meet their specific needs. Even the company’s vision, this official remarked is intrinsically tied to the future of correctional practices in the country.


Comments like this from the people who make the most out of their tools directly influences how Securus carries out business, according to Smith. Weekly, the company develops a new product or service intended to be used by law enforcement in some capacity and being able to directly communicate with their clients makes sure that Securus prioritizes their needs above all else.


This allows Securus to play a vital role in maintaining public safety, which has shaped attitudes throughout the company. Those who would like to see it for themselves can take advantage of Smith’s standing open invitation to visit their campus in Dallas, Texas to see how the company helps law enforcement ensure the safety of the public.


Sawyer Howitt: Racquetball Star Rising

In the world of sports, racquetball is gaining popularity at a rapid pace in America. According to Wikipedia, the” primary strategy of racquetball is to command the center of the court just at or behind the dashed receiving line.” Due to this sport’s exciting brand of ball manipulation, there are a few players who have emerged as future stars. One person who has caught the eye of the Portland sports community is Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt). According to an article on the website,, Mr. Howitt has been climbing the ranks in the world of Racquetball for quite some time. Mr. Howitt’s racquetball career began at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon.

View Sawyer Howitt’s Tumblr page for more information >>

The website, Babushkas Online, emphasized the enormous potential of Sawyer Howitt in the world of racquetball. And although his strongest showing has been winning competitions at the state level, many anticipate his career could likely go far beyond that. There is no question in regards to Mr. Howitt’s potential as a racquetball player and his play with The Racquet Club of Portland has been notable. Mr. Howitt is not just an aspiring racquetball player but an astute small business entrepreneur as well. The sports world is looking forward to more racquetball from Sawyer Howitt in the very near future.



The Lucrative Career of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is one of the best attorneys based in New York. Also, he works a financial strategist. He has come to be known as one of the most-sought financial strategist. This is because of his knowledge and experience in law and his achievements as a financial expert.


Sam Tabar attended Oxford University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree in Arts. Following this, he attended Columbia Law School where he graduated with a post graduate degree in Law. This all built a foundation for his work life.


Following his graduation from Columbia Law School, in the year 2011, Tabar got a job with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Skadden is one of the most prestigious law firms in the world.

Ar Skadden, Tabar was given the responsibility of counselling clients on a variety of issues including hedge funds, compliance, private placement, and investment management. He stayed with the company for three years.

When Sam Tabar left Skadden, he decided that he wanted to join the financial industry. It was then that he was tapped by Sparx Group Company’s unit, PMA Investment Advisors. When he joined the company, he was appointed as counsel, but as you know Sam Tabar, he doesn’t stagnate in one position.

With time he was promoted through the ranks and with no time, he was working as a Co-head of business development and managing director.

During his tenure at this company, he was able to increase the investor base by more than 400. He stayed with the company for seven years before leaving for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

At Bank of America Merrill Lynch he was appointed as the Asia-Pacific region’s director and head of capital strategy. He stayed with this company for about a year before leaving for Adanac LLC.

Art Station says that Sam Tabar again stayed here until the year 2013, when he decided to go to the lucrative law industry. He stayed with the company for a year, serving as a senior associate of the company.

Copacabana Unveils the Copa Star Hospital to Keep Up With the Rising Medical Needs of Residents

The Hospital Copa Star has dominated the headlines in the last few weeks after its highly anticipated inauguration was materialized in October. Located in downtown Rio de Janeiro and more specifically in Copacabana, the new medical facility is expected to shake up medical service delivery to citizens. For renowned architect Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, pulling off such an extraordinary design has been an epic challenge that has pushed the limits of possibility.

Comprising of 21,000 square meters and seven floors, the Copa Star is the epitome of luxury, comfort, sophisticated technology and unmatched service delivery compared to its counterparts. To highlight on such epic design proportions, the modern hospital features a Smart Hospitality system that essentially puts service provision at the fingertips of patients. Through it, patients can converse with doctors and summon nurses to undertake various health-related tasks. Such innovative tasks have been simplified by a few touches on iPads available to the convenience of invalids. Interesting enough, automated beds make it much easier for patients to adjust positions to their satisfaction compared to previous models. To wrap it up, the Smart Hospital system is equipped to control access to rooms, change the lighting in rooms and open or close curtains.

According to Jorge Moll, the Founder, cardiologist and current president of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, such a massive investment cost a staggering R $400 million as initial project works commenced in 2013. Despite such costs, Mr. Moll insists that the facility solely intends on providing affordable medical services to Rio de Janeiro residents.

Contrary to past circumstances when patients had to fly to Sao Paulo in the Albert Einstein region to receive surgery, the modern hospital has simplified operations with the aid of the newly constructed Star Cup. Unknown to most locals, the Star Cup mainly contains hotel accommodations staffed by competent professionals with the sole purpose of providing personalized services. A quick glance into the Star Cup hospital reveals an array of stretchers manned by professionals while a breath of sanitized air welcomes you into the environment. View the design at RafArquitetura

Training Techniques

To promote excellence and proficiency, the Hospital Copa Star has gone above and beyond to implement a rigorous training program before enrollment into the facility. This primarily entailed the completion of various tests and simulations to the satisfaction of the management. With a workforce of more than 550 workers, of whom 113 are qualified doctors, the Hospital has left nothing to chance to ensure that patients are in the best care possible.

Apart from the conventional cash mode of payment, Copa Star has also deemed it necessary to incorporate additional forms of payment such as credit cards and health insurance plans. Such diverse methods are geared to meeting the unique needs of each patient. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

Roberto Santiago’ Manaira Shopping Mall is Breathing Life into the Surrounding Community

Manaira Shopping Mall is the largest mall in Joao Pessoa. The business is owned and operated by Roberto Santiago. He uses leisure as the primary tool for attracting visitors to the mall. Customers will get access to a wide array of options to have fun. He has managed to convince shoppers that there is more to the region than just beautiful sunsets and beaches.

The Entertainment Options Offered

Entertainment and fun are the two main attractions at this great mall. Some of the options offered include movie theaters, bowling alleys, an electronic amusement park, and much more. All the options are designed to be fun for both individuals and families alike.

One of the finest entertainment options at this mall is cinema. The mall has 11 rooms for cinema, all of which are equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment. Besides that, there are VIP rooms that are meant to give visitors a feeling of exclusivity. There are 3D rooms, which are meant to create a truly immersive experience. The main entertainment hall is designed in a stadium configuration. The aim is to ensure that all visitors have an unobstructed view of the entertainment. There is also a bar service that offers guests gourmet popcorns, drinks and candy. In short, there is always something for everyone.

The electronic amusement park is a site to behold. The park features over 200 consoles for various games that are located within a space of 1800 square meters. There is also enough room for a bowling lane, which is totally electronic. Learn more about the mall on

Other Amenities Available

The amenities at this mall seem endless. For instance, there are even universities located here. The result is that clients always have leisure options, which they can enjoy. The mall offers some of the best amenities that you can find in any location throughout Brazil.

For foodies, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has quite a few options. There are gourmet restaurants to be found all over this mall. There is also a steak house, a hamburger joint, and many other options. No matter what cuisine you prefer, you are likely to find something at this nice mall.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago holds a Business Administration degree from University Center of Joao Pessoa. He started his career in business by establishing a cartonnage company. He is considered by many to be the pope of shopping malls in Brazil. Read more,8ba6bbfce8f96a8a6d2e9c8cd89995e6roy03gbk.html