Guilherme Paulus And The Company That Gives Back

Guilherme Paulus is a man that has had great ambition since the day that he was born. He has almost 50 years of experience and has recently been ranked among the world’s billionaires. His many contributions to the tourism industry have earned him honors and awards from several International governments around the world. Guilherme Paulus has been given prestigious titles such as executive of Valor and personality of the year by several Brazilian magaziines.

Guilherme Paulus has been considered as one of the best businessman in the tourism industry. He has also been a member of the National Tourism Council since 2003. He founded his first company in 1972 and has been able to transform it into the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America. This company is known as the CVC travel agency, and it now has the goal of becoming the largest Travel Agency in the world. Much of the success of the travel agency has been due to Guilherme Paulus’s ability to continuously innovate his company. In 2009, he sold the major part of the company to the global investment firm, the Carlyle Group. The travel agency opened up its capital on the stock exchange in 2013 and now has an annual revenue of 5.2 billion. See Related article at to learn more.

The CVC travel agency is now present in over 400 malls in Brazil, and it is also available in 140 hypermarkets and commercial galleries. The company has decided to open up stores in cities that have less than 60,000 inhabitants. The CVC travel agency is also involved in giving back to the community. It is the sponsor of the National Project of Professional Initiation in tourism. The organization was created to encourage entrepreneurship in the tourism industry. The CVC travel agency has been present in its communities for more than 10 years, and it has benefited low-income people by assisting them with educational and medical support. It has also helped people in the community by providing psychological care and vocational courses for the youth in the community. The CVC has its own bases in all of the destinations in which it operates.

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Vijay Eswaran Is A Believer In Taking Risks

Vijay Eswaran is a believer in taking risks. He speaks to individuals who are finishing up their degrees and certificates in a specific field. They are heading into the workforce and attempting to establish themselves in a given industry. Vijay understands the importance of gaining experience as soon as possible. However, he also believes that new job seekers should look to create job opportunities as well as discover them.

Technology changes at a rapid rate. It impacts every industry to a certain degree. Many people who have earned degrees in a particular specialty will find that those job positions have been greatly diminished by the time they complete their education.

New job seekers must be creative in their search and ensure that their new working environment suits the skills they offer. It is also very important to match personalities with the energy that is established by a particular company. A major decision to be made is whether or not to begin with a small startup company or a major corporation. Each of these environments offer great advantages and disadvantages to the new employee.

A large corporation is an established brand. Normally they will have been in business for many years, maybe decades. There is a set way of doing every procedure. Change is slow. New executives will not make much of an impact in the beginning. However, there is great job security in a position like this.

Startup companies will offer a much faster pace. The company is small, so the new executive will have a great deal of influence on projects. However, there will be very little room for delegation of tasks. The new job seeker must be thoroughly invested in the mission of a small startup company. They will have a direct impact on the shaping of the company as it moves forward.

Vijay Eswaran is a native of Malaysia. He is currently the Chairman of QI Group, which is located in Hong Kong. Vijay’s father was a member of the Ministry of Labour in Malaysia. His mother was a school teacher who taught in him the value of education. Vijay started his educational career at the London School of Economics. From there he moved on to the University of Southern Illinois to achieve a Masters in Business Administration.

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OSI Food Solutions: Keeping Up With The Times

Back when Ray Kroc was planning to use the new concept of franchise ownership to expand the scope of McDonald’s corporation from the few restaurants then in existence, he knew that one key to success was the standardized quality of the product. For quality, he turned to a wholesale meat processor from Aurora, Illinois, called Otto and Sons. Started as a family meat market in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, Otto and Sons maintained a reputation for product quality. This reputation continued after the creation and expansion of a wholesale side of the business, producing both name brand and private label products.

As McDonald’s corporation grew, so did Otto and Sons, eventually becoming OSI Food Solutions, one of America’s Top 100 food companies, with over 20,000 employees producing over $6.1 billion in sales. OSI is backed by years of satisfied customers. If you have ever eaten a McDonald’s burger, a Papa John’s Pizza, or a Subway sub, you have tasted an OSI Food Solutions product. In 2013, 2015, and again in 2016, the British Safety Council awarded OSI Food Solutions the Globe of Honour Award for superior management, ranging from management of the shop floor to the board of directors. After opening multiple plants in the US, OSI Food Solutions expanded into Europe.

In Spain, OSI Food Solutions invested 17 million dollars to expand their plant by over 22,000 square feet, including added production and transportation capacities, achieving the ability to process over 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken products, including doubling its capacity to process poultry from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. José María del Río, managing director of OSI Spain, stated that the increased capacity is intended to meet the increasing demand for chicken items in Portugal and Spain, adding new products, and supporting the expansion of present customers. Learn More.

Looking Deeper into the Achievements of Chris Burch as an Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is the face behind the foundation of Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. For about forty years now, Burch has emerged as a skilled entrepreneur and an outgoing investor in many diverse sectors of the economy. He has greatly contributed towards the successful growth of various brands such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Tory Burch, Voss Water, Poppin and Jawbone.

According to Chris Burch, the idea behind Burch Creative Capital lies in his natural curiosity to want to know everything about the world surrounding him. Burch creative capital was born when he decided to incorporate his knowledge and resources towards helping entrepreneurs bring out their great ideas into the limelight.

Burch believes that people are the most valuable resources in bringing ideas to life. He owes his entrepreneurial success to his ability to get to understand people better. In life, Burch has undertaken many risks that are part of his business success.

Back in 2012, Burch gained ownership to the Nihiwatu luxury resort located on the Sumba Island in Indonesia. After making extensive renovations, the resort emerged at the top of all hotels in the World as disclosed by the Travel + Leisure magazine. Chris Burch has had interests in the hospitality industry since his partnership with Philippe Stark (architect) and Alan Faena (hotelier) in Argentina. The three combined their skills and resources towards the redevelopment of an idle piece of land into the famous Faena Hotel+ Universe. In a 2014 partnership, Burch helped DeGeneres in launching her lifestyle brand. During the same year, he established Cocoon9. It is a series of unique homes with space saving floor plans, compelling designs, authentic finishes as well as energy efficient features.

Through these accomplishments, Burch’s brand portfolio continues to develop. His brand blends the hospitality outsourcing business, office supplies business and women’s apparel and complimenting accessories brand trademark. His women’s outfits include the famous Ikat among the Sumbas of Indonesia. Today, he mostly engages in activities such as supporting the development of other local lifestyles and products brands to meet consumer needs. He is currently working with BaubleBar and Soludos among other known brands, find out more info on

Furthermore, Chris Burch served as a board member to the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He was also the Board President of the Pierre Hotel Co-op. throughout his career journey; Burch has continuously donated funds towards research and other philanthropic causes at Mt. Sinai Hospital which is based in New York. He has also supported other philanthropic initiatives at NYU Langone, The Sumba Foundation, China Child Welfare League and the China Social Work Association. Additionally, he supports The Henry Street Settlement program, see (

Maximize Your Finances With The Financial Group

How To Save Money With NexBank Financial

The popular NexBank Financial Group, proudly based in Dallas, has over 25+ years of experience in the financial industry. Many will agree, the popular NexBank financial group is quickly growing a reputation among other big name banks. They’re known for their large assets that topple $65.7 million dollars. Their huge assets have backed their patron’s money along with government FDIC insurance. They’re committed to personalized accounts, but also have accounts for industrial and commercial patrons. You’ll love being a part of a financial institution that puts the financial needs of their customers first.

Why Patrons Are Choosing NexBank

If you’re shopping for a financial institute, most people are interested in features that will save them both, time and money. The NexBank Financial Group has become a part of the Dallas Neighborhoods, home program to help thousands of potential home buyers realize their dreams of owning a home. Customers have been able to use the online NexBank mortgage tab on their web portal to receive lower mortgage payments and interest rates. Many users are also using their mortgage program, if they have good credit with a low-income. NexBank says, yes to your mortgage loan.

Additional NexBank News

NexBank has allowed their customers to save on the threat of student loan debt. They have partnered with the popular College Savings Bank to give you an average of 22 percent savings on college tuition and other expenses. Their college savings program has over 1,300+ savings opportunites. Thousands of students and their parents have been able to eliminate the burden of huge student loan debt with the NexBank college savings program. There are thousands of students that have been able to become a part of their financial institution and save money by registering for a savings account with great interest rates.

NexBank Preferred Services

– direct deposit

– free checks

– no fee ATM’s

– financial planning

– access to your account 24 hours

– experienced financial technicians

– live support

– and much more…

Join the NexBank Group today and save more of your hard earned money.

Matt Badiali and Investment Power

What in the world is the Total Wealth Symposium, anyway? It’s an event that takes place on a yearly basis, first and foremost. It discusses a variety of pertinent concerns that relate to the large investment world. Paul Mampilly and the people who are part of his work team are getting ready for the next symposium. Their aim is to assist people who show up to the event. The objective is to give them the assistance they need to rack up a cool $1 million each prior to 2019 coming to a close.

2017’s Total Wealth Symposium was a smash hit. Mampilly and Jeff Yastine went into cybersecurity matters. This subject has a lot to do with the business realm. People who work in business often have many worries that involve it. Other brilliant individuals who are going to show up at the Total Wealth Symposium are Matt Badiali, Ian King and Ted Bauman. People will be able to get a lot of insight from listening to these individuals. Read more at to know more.

Matt Badiali has many thoughts that involve prices of oil. He thinks that these prices are going to surpass $100 for individual barrels. He thinks that this is going to take place pretty soon as well. The oil division can be unpredictable and erratic. Significant adjustments and tweaks are never distant. Matt Badiali is a Banyan Hill Publishing senior analyst. Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment information firm that runs in Delray Beach, Florida now. It helps people all over the United States with their investment aspirations.

Matt Badiali is a painstaking person who knows a lot about agricultural, energy and mining fields. Mines have been massive focal points for him for a long time. His knowledge with regard to natural resource investments is dazzling. That’s the reason people frequently turn to him for well-rounded and accurate advice. Badiali’s strong education took place at Pennsylvania State University. He chose to major in earth sciences and has a bachelor of science degree in the area. He got a Florida Atlantic University education as well. Geology was his major at that established school.

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Business Life of Roberto Santiago – Owner of the Biggest Shopping Malls in Brazil

Born in the year 1958 in a place called Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago is among the most successful businessmen in Brazil and is often referred to as the shopping mall pope. He went to school and graduated from Pio X-Marist College and after furthering his education, he received his Business Administration degree from UNIPE (University of Joao Pessoa). After his studies, Roberto Santiago worked at Café Santa Rosa, a reputable décor manufacturing firm. However, with his passion and interest in business, he decided to leave his well-paying job and started Cartonnage Company which sold cartons made out of cardboard. His business grew and produced different decorative products.


From the proceeds of his cartonnage business, Mr. Santiago decided to venture into the real estate industry. His decision turned out to be the best he ever made in his life as a businessman. It was during this time that he came up with the brilliant idea of Manaira Shopping Mall. He purchased the land to construct the mall in the year 1987 and in two years, the mall was launched and it has experienced a continuous growth to date.


The mall lies on a 75000m2 piece of land in Joao Pessoa and it has a total of 280 stores. One feature that distinguishes this mall from the rest is its versatility. Mr. Santiago developed the mall to be all-inclusive. Apart from the shopping stores, it also has a theater, concert hall, gaming area, food court, a gym, a college, and financial institutions. Recent statistics indicate that over 1.6 million people visit the shopping mall each month, and this has made it the largest mall in the area. The mall operates on a 24-hour basis and has several clubs and food parlors where both Brazilians and international tourists can enjoy.


Most recently in the year 2013, Roberto Santiago developed the Mangeira mall in Joao Pesso. These two malls have helped to improve both the social and economic aspects of the city. Apart from being fun and entertainment hubs, these malls have provided employment to hundreds of locals. The location of the malls has also led to increase in value of land in the area. Additionally, several businesses have relocated or opened branches in the city.


The economic crisis that was felt all over the country in the year 2015 tested this great entrepreneur’s investment. At this time, numerous businesses crashed, but the shopping mall wasn’t affected. The uniqueness of his business has helped it withstand the test of time and it has attracted several investors. Roberto Santiago plans to continue reinventing, developing, and enhancing growth in sales, leisure and tour centers.



Michael Hagele’s Successful Life

Michael Hagele’s life changed when he was working in Chicago as a car wash attendant during the winter. During this time, he purposed to pursue his education goals to have a meaningful life. Therefore, he started his career journey by earning a B.A and then a J.D from the University of Iowa and the University of California respectively. After that, Michael began working at Fenwick and West LLP in the Online Commerce and Licensing Group. Later, he represented many internet firms in all of their legal matters.

Today Michael Hagele is immensely in demand due to his legal and business expertise. Currently, he serves as an outside counsel for various technology firms including development and research companies providing design, consulting and technology services as well as corporations offering products in the internet, aerospace, biotechnology and defense businesses. He is also an investor and a founder of an array of hospitality companies and restaurants throughout those businesses. Over the years, Michael Hagele has attained extensive business experience in software, hardware, and telecommunication fields. Despite being competent in incredible many business-related areas, technology has always remained his top domain. Visit at to learn more

The first thing Michael does each day is to handle the issues of his technology customers. He does that throughout the morning hours, but he takes a break from his busy schedule to get a refreshing bike ride in the afternoon. According to Hagele, most of his best ideas come while on these bike rides. He then resolves any new problems that come up or older issues with those ideas for the rest of his day. Michael says that sometimes implementing problem solutions can be difficult. However, he recommends having perseverance and pursuit at the issue until you get results.

Michael Hagele believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring a significant impact on the technology industry’s future and will drastically change the way people do things in every field. Michael Hagele is very optimistic about this upcoming transformation. Despite his technology clients being significant to him, Michael always puts all his customers first irrespective of the circumstances. He says that putting the interests of your clients before yours is the real key to business success. View:


Felipe Montoro Jens’ Report on Brazilian Infrastructure and Development

According to a news article reported to InfoMoney by Felipe Montoro Jens, on May 8, 2018, the Brazilian Minister of Planning, Development and Management, DyogoOliviera, stated that the country needs to increase private investments to improvise infrastructure projects after attending the Special Meeting of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IBD) that was held in Argentina. His proposal emphasized the importance of more efficient solutions for risk management and leverage of private investments. His proposal was highly favored by Argentinian Finance Minister Luis Caputo, accompanied by Economy Secretary of State of Spain, Garrido, who highlighted on the dynamic markets of Latin America and highlighted Brazil as the Priority country for Spanish investments. Brazilian Minister Oliviera suggests that improvements should be made in time for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which is already coming, seeking new roads, clean water, sanitation and more modern infrastructure. View to know more.

According to the President of IBD, Luis Alberto Moreno, “the Latin American Challenge refers to the emergence of infrastructure and the connectivity of countries, and his organization has already adapted to new social demands and reinforced policies of gender equality and environmental sustainability in the execution of projects”. With these factors taken into consideration, the Latin American region will be able to overcome obstacles to growth.

In response, the Brazilian Minister stated that the Brazilian government has taken actions for infrastructure and financing for development in alignment with best practices of other countries in the Latin American region, such as Argentina and Spain, and in line with the guidelines of the IBD. These actions are the creations of Public-Private Partnerships for public works, which are not only showing up in Brazil but, are also popular in other Latin American countries; “over the past decade, there have been about 1,000 infrastructure public-private partnerships valued at $360 billion dollars”. The meeting concluded with the current conditions of this statistic which reported that there is a lack of private capital mobility and nearly $12.9 billion dollars were issued in IDB Loans to the country of Brazil, which is 20% higher than 2016. To conclude, the country of Brazil which is influenced by the economies of Argentina and Spain, seeks to increase private investments while trying to oust their acquired debt.



Madison Street Capital a Reputable Global Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is at the peak as an international investment banking company as depicted at where it offers advisory services in the merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. DCG specializes in software services such as software value management and software estimation services. Therefore, Madison Street Capital is taking the initiative of offering financial advice to this firm so that it can have the best partnership with the spitfire group. The CEO of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway made the transaction announcement, and there was no disclosure of the truncation terms.


The two merging companies are led by professionals that are highly experienced in the IT industry. CEO Mike Harris leads DCG Software Value while CEO Mark Richtermeyer leads Spitfire Group and it was a privilege for Madison Street Capital to work with the two firms as attested by Jay Rodgers. Moreover, it was significant for the two IT businesses to incorporate the financial advisory services of Madison since it has enabled them to achieve their goals. They intend to continue to closely work with Madison so that they can be able to attract more customers towards their software.


Also, DCG Software Value is reputable globally in providing software solutions. DCG puts the needs of their clients first, and that has enabled them to have a global image. To ensure efficiency and conveniences in their services provision, they have opened several offices in other countries besides its U.S office. On the other hand, The Spitfire Group is technology consulting company that is dedicated to providing solutions that enable businesspersons to align technology with their business goals. The employees are well conversant with technology issues since they are experienced and determined to serve their customers by using the technologies that are updated.


Madison Street Capital is a firm that is leading internationally in investment banking company that is dedicated to offering its advisory services to multiple corporate. Some of the services that it provides to its clients include corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisitions where it shows excellence and integrity. As they offer the services, they ensure the clients will be able to accomplish their target since they treat the clients’ projects in a special way so that the goals are successfully attained. Madison Company at all times adheres to its core competencies since they are driving factor for international growth for all the clients that approach them for their services. Moreover, Madison offers supportive services to communities so that they can have improved living standards. It is devoted in ensuring that there is a significant difference within the global and local societies and it does so through charitable organizations such as United Way.


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